About the Community Club 

Everyone who lives, works or goes to school in Mount Baker is a member of the Club for free. We have no membership dues!

Established in 1909, the Mount Baker Community Club is a 501(c) non-profit organization dedicated to providing a gathering space for neighbors to come together, get to know each other and build community. The Community Club hosts events and celebrations all year long!


Our Mission:

We believe strong connections among neighbors are key to our common humanity; our mission is to be the heart of the Mount Baker community.

Our Goals:

We accomplish our mission by providing:
1. A broad array of organized activities to improve our quality of life and build community;
2. A gathering place to bring us together;
3. A forum for exchanging information that empowers residents to engage on issues of broad interest to our diverse community;
4. Representation of the community’s interests in the civic arena, in a manner responsive to the diversity of opinions that may exist on any given issue.

Get Involved:

Become an MBCC Booster, our amazing community of engaged neighbors.

• Visit our Volunteer Board to check out fun, easy ways to join us.
Donate to our Annual Fund.
• Come to our next Community Meeting or Clubhouse event.
• Join a Clubhouse Committee. Help shape neighborhood parks projects, clubhouse programs, neighborhood ZLUPT (zoning, land use, planning, transportation).
• Join the Board of Directors.

There's a wonderful community of your neighbors gathering at the Mount Baker Community Club. Come join us