MBCC Boosters

Join our amazing community of engaged neighbors!

Boosters do a variety of things to help the Mount Baker Community Club thrive. By giving to the Community Club, you help ensure that Mount Baker remains a strong and vibrant neighborhood.

• Come to our next Community Meeting or Clubhouse event.

• Visit our Volunteer Board to check out fun, easy ways to join us.

Participate in parks projects. Get your hands in the dirt and help keep our neighborhood beautiful.

• Participate in Clubhouse outreach. Spread the word about the Clubhouse by simply telling your neighbors about us. Or help put up the Clubhouse events calendar at the businesses you're already visiting anyway.

Donate to our Annual Fund.

• Sign up for our monthly email newsletter. We'll keep you informed of neighborhood news and events.

• Join a Clubhouse Committee. Help shape neighborhood parks projects, clubhouse programs, neighborhood ZLUPT (zoning, land use, planning, transportation).

• Join the Board of Directors.


There's a wonderful community of your neighbors gathering
at Mount Baker Community Club. Come join us.