Clubhouse Committee

Recruit, hire, support, and if necessary, terminate the Clubhouse Manager; Oversee the Rentals Manager, review contracts, long-term leases and associated rates and fees; and identify long-term capital needs that will be required to ensure the success of the Clubhouse operations.


Communications Committee

Evaluate the communications needs of the Mt. Baker Community Club, and advise the Board on those needs; Identify, edit, and publish information in print and electronic media. Update the website, social media and garner as much interest in the Club as possible. Support The View (printed magazine).


Development Committee

Conducts the annual fundraising campaigns. Seeks grants and donations as well as host fundraisers and events to support the Club's programs and equipment needs

Disaster Preparedness and Safety

Promotes community participation in preparing home and neighborhood for self-sufficiency and advancing proactive strategies for maintaining a safe community environment. Hosts 2 meetings a year for the community, monitors trends and uses surveys to assess needs

Executive Committee

Consists of the officers of the Mount Baker Community Club corporation: President, Vice President, Treasurer, the Secretary; the Chairs of the Committees-are also members.


Assure the effective operation of the Board, within policies established. Assists with the adherence to the Mission Statement and Bylaws and the policies established by the Board.


Helps to recruit and interview new Board members. Ensures the on boarding of new committee and Board members. If necessary, recommends the replacement of Board members. Engages Board members in active participation in all Club activities and committees.

Parks and Open Spaces

Provides a public forum on emergent issues related to our parks and open spaces. Advises the Board of issues where a community-wide policy position may be beneficial, and help to draft such a policy. Maintains a relationship between the MBCC and other City organizations

Zoning, Land Use, Planning and Transportation

Monitor activities that affect the future environment of the Community, including economic, physical and political. Assist the Board in providing a public forum for informing the Community on emergent issues. Maintain relationships with MBCC and other City organizations.


Interested in joining a committee? Get in touch to find out more - we’d love to hear from you. Email communicationschair@mountbaker.org Look forward to hearing from you!