Picture it, Seattle, 1914. A group of early Mount Baker residents rally together to erect a clubhouse for their community to serve as a local landmark and focal point for neighborhood activity.

This clubhouse, your Mount Baker Community Clubhouse, is celebrating  it's 100th year, and is the centerpiece of this year's Centennial Celebration!

The Centennial Celebration kicks off this year on September 13th, with an informal neighbors' brunch. We're inviting our neighbors to come down for coffee and share your stories about the Clubhouse, here some stories and let us tell you all about the exciting Celebration we have planned.

On Sunday, September 14th join us at Mount Baker Day in the Park for our first Tennis Mixer — tennis has a long-standing history of prevalence in the Mount Baker community so whether you are an avid player or just curious about the game, join us for this opening event!

In October the Centennial Celebration continues as we move our focus to the beautiful neighborhood surrounding the Clubhouse and embark on guided walking tours of many of Mount Baker’s historically significant buildings. Did you know that the planning for Mount Baker grew out of the ‘naturalistic’ or “English picturesque” tradition and is considered a model of planning for small, community spaces with heavily residential singe-family homes and open boulevards and park space? No? Well, come join the walking tours and learn more!

Moving into holiday season we have two events planned for November and December — mark your calendars now! In November, the Clubhouse will open its doors for a ticketed event featuring a farm-to-table dinner, silent auction, and evening entertainment as we celebrate the architecture of the building and relish in its wide open event space. 

With December the Christmas ships come to Mount Baker and, in the traditions of old, we will revive the practice of a Christmas tree lighting in the Triangle Park just south of the Clubhouse! As a community we will gather together to decorate and light our first community tree in over fifty years followed by a walk down to the shores of Lake Washington to join the Christmas ships in celebrating the season. After the merriment of the ships leaves our shores, we will retreat to the clubhouse to continue in the frivolity of the evening with a Christmas social.

Not to be outdone by the events in 2014, 2015 opens with an event that harkens back to the very beginning days of Mount Baker, a Men’s (and now Women’s) New Year’s Day Calling! That’s right, dust off your top-hat and get ready to join us for a neighborhood house-calling of members of our local community as we walk house-to-house to meet and greet each other and kick-off the New Year ahead!

Continuing throughout 2015 we have more events planned including a Mixology class on February 13, a home-garden seminar and lecture on March 20, and a wonderful community Easter event on April 5!

Culminating our Centennial celebration will be a neighborhood gathering event where, together as a community, we will journey to the Clubhouse and enjoy our annual potluck alongside the unveiling of new historical interpretive panels, the installation of a time-capsul documenting the Clubhouse and neighborhood history, and much more.

This is YOUR Clubhouse, let’s celebrate it, together. Cheers!