Capital Project Information

The Clubhouse Refurbishment: Why now?

The Community Clubhouse, like any well-loved and much-used venue, needs care and upkeep. Over its past 100 years, it has been cared for by the Community Club, but its last major renovation happened after an arson fire in 1992. 

More than twenty years later, facing a new century and  more stringent environmental standards, our Clubhouse now needs more than just annual maintenance. Its necessary repairs and upgrades will enable this treasured MBCC legacy to continue to serve our community for the next 100 years.

What is the scope of work? 

The basic structure is sound but elements need upgrading or replacing. Key elements are to:

  • Improve the energy efficient (double glazed windows, move from oil to gas)
  • Upgrade old systems (new boiler, toilets)
  • Protect the  building’s integrity (roof, exterior paint)

The full list of work. 

Who is conducting the Capital project?

Volunteers from the neighborhood and MBCC board form the core of the group working on the project. 

Russ Woodruff, of Milestone Management Group, and Steve Johnson, of Johnson-Sutherland have identified the work to be done, outlined a solid budget for that work, and developed a timeline to implement it. 

Read more about the capital project structure and participants. 

How much will the workcost?

The project is estimated to cost approximately $800,000.

Costs for each phase of the work: 

How will we pay for the work?

We are conducting a capital campaign to fund the project, as well as seeking grants and sources for large donations.

In 2014 we received a small and simple matching grant from the Dept. of Neighborhoods for initial planning.

In 2015 we will apply for a large match grant to begin work on the first phase of the project.

Read more about how to donate or participate in the Capital Campaign.

Donate to the Capital Campaign

When will the work be done?

The work plan calls for  the Capital Project to be accomplished in phases, Beginning in 2015.