The MBCC Capital Project

The MBCC Clubhouse was built in 1914. Since then it has served as a treasured local landmark and focal point for neighborhood activity and community-driven change. The time has come to bring the Clubhouse into the 21st century so it can continue to serve the community for another 100 years

What is the Capital Project?

The Capital Project will refurbish the Clubhouse in a variety of ways, among them:

  • Improve the energy efficient (double glazed windows, move from oil to gas)
  • Upgrade old systems (new boiler, toilets)
  • Protect the  building’s integrity (roof, exterior paint)

Read more about the project. 

Why do we need a Capital Project? 

The Clubhouse needs care and upkeep to ensure this valuable community legacy lasts well into the future. In addition, the Clubhouse has old inefficient systems that increase the Club’s costs and teh Capital Project work will upgrade outdated systems.

Who is responsible for the Capital Project? 

The Capital Project is being conducted by Mount Baker Community Club board members and neighborhood residents. Read more about the capital project structure and participants. 

How will the Capital Project activities be accomplished? 

In 2014 we received a Department of Neighborhood Small match grant for initial planning. We will apply for a large match grant in 2015 to begin implementing the work plan. 

We must raise the additional funds primarily through donations from the community.

We need your help in all parts of the Project: construction oversight, fundraising, and community outreach.

Read more about how to donate or participate in the Capital Campaign.