District 2 & 3 Candidate Forums

come and hear from the candidates & ask questions - your vote matters

come and hear from the candidates & ask questions - your vote matters

District 2 & 3 Candidates Forum - the Primaries

Come and hear from the candidates that are seeking your vote for 2 City Council positions.

Free to attend - doors at 6pm, starts 7pm.

District 2 - Thursday 1st August 2019, 7pm

District 3 - Friday 2nd August 2019, 7pm

For a full list of the candidates CLICK HERE.

Each candidate will be asked a series of questions on the issues that matter to you. Submit your questions below to be asked on the night.

You can also hand in questions when you arrive at the Community Club and, if time allows, we will take questions from the floor as well.

Please be respectful to the candidates, moderators, volunteers and attendees. No heckling, grandstanding, no placards.

All candidates have been invited to attend. We will update this page as soon as they accept. Mount Baker Community Club is a non-partisan, non-profit who is providing a platform for all candidates to be heard.

Each candidate will be given 1 minute to respond to questions. They will be asked questions in rotation so that everyone gets a chance to speak last/first. All will have a final chance to give a summation of why they want your vote.

We will also be streaming the events live. Please check back for details.

Need more info? Are you a member of the press? Please email HERE.

Unsure of your district? CLICK HERE.

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