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This past January and February, 2017, the Mount Baker Disaster Preparedness and Public Safety Committee posted information on and provided guides for creating family disaster plans at the clubhouse bulletin board.

Now, the committee is seeking volunteers who will research the possibility of establishing an emergency hub in our neighborhood. 

Community Emergency Hubs are places where people gather after a disaster to help each other. Hubs are established by community members and encompass geographic areas larger than just an immediate block or building. Hubs serve as a central gathering place among neighbors in multiple homes, apartments and condominiums, some who have organized using SNAP.

While the Office of Emergency Management supports Community Emergency Hubs, the mission of the Hub is accomplished solely through neighbors and community members. Currently there are more than 50 Hubs organized throughout the city. Each Hub reflects the unique character of the community they serve, and may look different from location to location.

This task force would work with the Rainier Beach ER Hub organizers and outline a plan to present to the MBCC board for further review and action. If you are interested in supporting this initial research effort, please send an email to by Friday, March 24th. Together, we can make this happen.

The Clubhouse is owned and managed by the Mount Baker Community Club for the benefit of the community. Does the community still want or need the clubhouse? And if so, are residents willing to donate, serve on the board, volunteer for committees, and volunteer for and participate in programs and events?

Over the years, boards have not been able to put money into a Building Reserve Fund, and have, in fact, been forced to use operating funds for building repairs and maintenance. In addition, significant capital repairs and renovations can no longer be put off. This situation has brought the Club's board to some serious questions.

How can we stabilize the finances of the Clubhouse so it supports its operations and funds a building reserve account?

Does the community have the capacity and willingness to fund a large-scale capital campaign? And if we can't or don't want to fund it, what are our options with regard to our obligations as caretakers of the clubhouse?

Managing the clubhouse takes up almost all of the board's attention, leaving little time or energy to conduct the Club's other activities or increase participation in the Club. What can we do differently to reduce the board's direct management of the clubhouse so it can focus on the mission of the Club to serve the community?

What you can do to help: Donate to the annual fund and the Capital Campaign. Serve on a Club committee. Volunteer to help assess the viability of the various options now under consideration. Respond to the survey you will be receiving so the board can make the club and clubhouse viable and relevant to the Mount Baker community.

For more information or to share thoughts and suggestions, contact Judith Yarrow, President at

Notes from community meetings:

November 10, 2016 Clubhouse Options Update

Summary of Clubhouse Options

September 12, 2016

Photo by Isabel Wang

Photo by Isabel Wang

The options discussed at the meeting ranged from minimal change from current operations to leasing or selling an interest in the building to a developer. These options all need to be analyzed for feasibility and value to the Club and the community. The options include:
1. Hire a full-time operations and maintenance manager
2. Enter into a preferred arrangement with catering company
3. Enter into an operations and management agreement
4. Long-term lease to a building partner

Summary of clubhouse operations and options.

Click here for minutes from the community meeting.

The pie charts (below) of the Club's 3-year average revenue and expenses presented at the meeting.

Capital Project

More than twenty years have passed since the last major renovation of our clubhouse, and it now needs more than just routine maintenance. We contracted with a construction management firm to assess the building's needs and develop an estimated budget. The total comes to $1 million. We plan to make the repairs and renovations over five years, as we raise the money to pay for them.

Read more information about the capital project.

2016 Bicycle Sundays winding down...

Lake Washington Boulevard closes to motorized traffic from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. during Sundays in the summer months.

Last one September 25th!

Bicycle or walk along Lake Washington Boulevard south of Mount Baker Beach to Seward Park's entrance.

27 Apr 2015
Mount Baker Neighborhood Walk and Bike Map

Our friends at SEED (Southeast Seattle Effective Development) have put together this wonderful walking map of Mount Baker. 

It includes great historical information about our neighborhood and leads you on a walking tour of our beautiful neighborhood. Learn about the Olmstead legacy, Dugdale Park & Sick's Stadium, and some of Franklin High Schools most legendary alumni. All while following this map and visiting some of Mount Baker's historic sites and wonderful parks. 

Stop by the Clubhouse to grab a hardcopy of the map. Or click here to download a copy. 

30 Mar 2015
Summer Camps at The Clubhouse

The Mount Baker Community Club is partnering with two excellent organizations, Stone Soup Theatre and Sponge School, to offer you a series of wonderful Summer Camps this summer. Please click here for full details of all the Summer Camp sessions we have available. 

2 Feb 2015
MBCC Program Director Erin Bruce is a "South Seattle Gem"

Our very own Erin Bruce was featured in the South Seattle Emerald "South Seattle Gems" column. Read about her ideas for a music festival in Seward Park, what event she feels best represents our community, and tips for planning a perfect party. Read the whole article here. 

12 Sept 2014
Saving Mount Baker's Day in the Park - by Marcus Green, South Seattle Emerald

While squeezing out the last droplets of Summer prior to the dawning of the Fall Equinox is the primary predilection of pretty much anyone saddened by the impending retreat of warm weather and blue skies, there might not be an area that savors the final remnants of the sweltering season quite like the Mount Baker community.

Since 1909 neighbors in the community have congregated in Mount Baker Park towards the end of summer to break bread, imbibe in drink, and otherwise engage in merriment with each other. The event was seen as essential to reinforcing communal bonds while forging new ones and was officially christened the Day In The Park in 1971 with the Mount Baker Community Club taking responsibility for its organization.

Read the whole article here. 

21 Aug 2014
MBCC Wins Most Colorful Award in Rainier Valley Heritage Parade

Picture 4.png

We had a blast at our first Rainier Valley Heritage Parade and ... WE WON! In anticipation of this year's Day in the Park Festival, our float had a "Summer of Love" theme and featured a classic 1967 VW Van. We had many enthusiastic neighbors, dressed as hippies, join in the fun. It was a wonderful day in the Rainier Valley! View all the photos below. 


Sent out three times a year, The View is the Mount Baker Community Newsletter. If you don't receive The View in your mailbox stop by the Clubhouse to get one, or read past issues online here.


Looking for a neighborhood preschool? Or, where to go for dinner? We've got it all for you, right here. 

9 June 2014
Leschi Sewer Replacement

At our June Community Meeting we had representatives from Seattle Public Utilities present to speak about the Leschi Sewer Replacement project commencing in Leschi and Mount Baker. Read all about the project here.

3 June 2014
Mount Baker Neighborhood Bike Routes


Mount Baker resident, and avid bicyclist, Rebecca Laszlo has mapped out a dozen or so bike routes in and around the neighborhood. Some routes zigzag along Mount Baker's many ridges, while some stick to the flats to avoid sweaty exertions. Unless, of course, you want a hard push.
Read all about here bike routes & download her map here.