Welcome to the Mount Baker Neighborhood web site.   This web site is an evolving community resource highlighting relevant information within the Mount Baker neighborhood of Seattle. The Mount Baker Community Club (MBCC) is a self supported neighborhood club and clubhouse since its inception in 1909. It is a mostly volunteer organization that relies on the active involvement of its members to accomplish the many community undertakings that make this such a great neighborhood to live in and to be a part of.

The Mount Baker neighborhood is a geographically diverse area, offering a mix of parklands, lakefront, wooded hills, and quiet residential streets and boulevards.  Forty-six hundred households reside here; people from ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds every bit as varied as the landscape.   The neighborhood has a rich architectural heritage, extraordinary recreational opportunities, lively award-winning community club, and close proximity to city sites. But it's also friendly, casual, and open to new ideas.  It's the kind of place where people feel welcome and your neighbors are also your friends.