MBCC Committees and Task Forces

Many of our Board Members participate in various Board Committees. These committees are meant to encourage coordination and collaboration between the various functions of the Mount Baker Community Club Board. Each committee is charged with a set of goals meant to ensure alignment with the Community Club's mission.

You do not have to be a Board Member to participate in Community Club Committees. We'd love to have your input. Help shape important projects and activities in your community!

The MBCC Board Committees include: Clubhouse Committee, Communications Committee, Development Committee, Executive Committee, Finance CommitteParke, Governance Committee, Parks & Open Spaces Committee, Programs Committee, and ZLUPT (Zoning, Land Use, Planning & Transportation) Committee.


Clubhouse Committee

Responsibilities include:
•Evaluating and advising the Board of any maintenance needs at the Mount Baker Community Clubhouse.
•Hiring and supporting the Clubhouse Manager.
•Monitoring and overseeing the day-to-day management of the building operations, with lead support from Clubhouse Manager. Including the marketing, rental and long-term leases of the Clubhouse.
•Identify any long-term capital replacement needs required to ensure the success of the Clubhouse operations.

Communications Committee

Responsibilities include:
•Evaluating and advising the Board on the communications needs of the Mount Baker Community Club.
•Identifying and publishing information of interest to the Community.
•Maximizing the “points of contact” with all members of the Mount Baker community, including residents, businesses, and local students.

Development Committee

Responsibilities include:
•Assisting the Board with the preparation and implementation of the Development Plan.
•Seeking grants and donations, as well as hosting fundraisers and events, to support the Club’s programs and equipment needs.
•Conducting capital improvement campaigns.

Executive Committee

Responsibilities include:
•Providing the Board with co-ordination, planning and reporting.
•Setting the agenda for the work of the Board.
•Acting for the Board between meetings of the Board, within the policies established by the Board and with such additional authority as delegated by the Board, except in those matters reserved in the Bylaws or the law for determination by the full Board or by Community-wide vote.

Finance Committee

Responsibilities include:
•Providing the Board with completed or proposed financial documents and related material.
•Developing, reviewing and advising on budgets for programs and facility uses.
•Reviewing and advising on proposed program and Clubhouse fees.
•Generating and monitoring investment policies and performance.
•Reviewing insurance policies for adequacy of coverage.

Governance Committee

Responsibilities include:
•Assuring the effective operation of the Board, within the policies established by the Board.
•Assisting with the adherence to the Board’s Mission Statement.
•Identifying, recruiting, and recommending to the Community for public election.
•Orienting, training, and, if necessary, recommending the termination of Board Members.
•Ensuring the Board’s adherence to its Bylaws and the policies established by the Board.

Parks & Open Space Committee

Responsibilities include:
•Monitoring various activities that affect the natural and public areas in the Community, be they botanical, recreational, physical or political.
•Assisting the Board in providing a public forum for informing the Community on emergent issues related to our parks and open spaces.
•Advising the Board of those issues where a community-wide policy position may be beneficial, and helping to draft such a policy.
•Maintaining a relationship between the MBCC and other City- and SE neighborhood- sponsored organizations devoted to similar activities.
•Supporting Community initiatives and projects to acquire, reclaim, improve and maintain parks and other public open spaces in the neighborhood.

Program Committee

Responsibilities include:
 •Ensuring that the programs are consistent with the Board’s Mission and the expectations of the Mount Baker community.
•Coordinating the activities surrounding existing activities (Day in the Park, Christmas Ships, Home Tour, Newcomer’s Potluck, Pied Piper, Yard Sale, and others).
•Recommending new programs and appropriate changes to existing programs. 

Zoning, Land Use, Planning & Transportation Committee

Responsibilities include:
 •Monitoring those various activities that affect the future environment of the Community, including economic, physical and political.
•Assisting the Board in providing a public forum for informing the Community on emergent issues.
•Advising the Board of those issues where a community-wide policy position may be beneficial, and will help to draft such a policy.
•Maintaining a relationship between MBCC and other City- and SE neighborhood- sponsored organizations devoted to similar activities.
•Supporting Community initiatives to improve the physical environment of the Community, including such beautification projects as may be undertaken from time to time.